Bjerring Smedie og Stålmontage A/S & Bjerring Silo Construction A/S – Company History:


Bjerring Smedie was founded in 1967 by Jens Tang Sørensen, who at that time took over the local blacksmith of approx. 100 m2.

As a newly educated blacksmith, his first assignments were mainly maintenance of used farming equipment as well as fabrication of parts for these machines. Shortly hereafter, Tang wanted to try something new, so he started a minor production of furnaces for heating up summer houses, cabins etc. However, the market was not ready for this product until much later, so he returned to the farming industry where a production of steel inventory for pigsties etc was started. This was produced in large numbers in the late 1960’s.

As one of the first companies in Denmark, Bjerring Smedie delivered steel rafters for a machinery building in 1969. The demand for steel rafters was extremely high in this period, since new buildings were being built everywhere. Steel rafters soon became the primary product of Bjerring Smedie. Also, the need for erection of the rafters was apparent, so Bjerring Smedie acquired a truck crane for this purpose. Now, the company could produce and erect/install the building rafters and steel structures, and the erection of steel became a very important part of the company’s offering to customers up through the 1970’s. In this period, Bjerring Smedie also expanded its production facilities because of the rising activity.



In the beginning of the 1980’s Bjerring Smedie started erecting silos and steel structures for the Viborg company, Pierre Wilstrup A/S. The experience from erecting the company’s own steel structures was a big advantage and this knowhow was used in the erection of the steel silos. A new aspect for the company now was working abroad – silos were put up in most parts of Europe. The silo erection was carried out parallel with the steel structure production in Bjerring and the erection of the company’s own products.

In 1988 Pierre Wilstrup A/S shut down because of financial difficulties. Jens Tang Sørensen saw an opportunity in producing steel silos in Bjerring. The many years of erecting silos had given him an insight into how the silos were produced and many new ideas about what could be done better. This resulted in the purchase of the silo production from the company in Viborg. Bjerring Silo Construction A/S, a subsidiary of Bjerring Smedie og Stålmontage A/S, was born on 1/1 1989.

Through the 1990’s and up until today the silo production in Bjerring has grown in a steady pace. A growing number of business partners both domestic and abroad has raised the demand for high quality silos. This has boosted the production activities in Bjerring. To compete with both Danish and international competitors it has been necessary to optimise and automate the production where possible. Investments in new production machinery and production facilities, has been one of the ways of keeping up with the rising demand. Today, we have a modern workshop factory with machinery optimized for producing silos and steel structures.

Bjerring Silo Construction has delivered silos to most parts of the world, and looking ahead, the company wants to be even more active abroad. We work together with companies within many different industries, where we typically function as sub suppliers to these companies.


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